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Packing dates 2022

List off packing dates / cut-off times

We are now packing our seeds with the help of the volunteers at the Canterbury Horticultural Society. We are aiming for fortnightly packs so it may be some time before you get your seeds. This is a new system and may take a bit of time to get our process sorted. You will be emailed when you order is ready for pickup or when it has been dispatched. You can email us at any time for an update [email protected]

We thank you for your patience.

Pickup will be available from the CHS Kiosk at the Christchuch Botanic Gardens.

Seed viability

We’re all volunteers.

None of our seed is grown commercially. Our seed is grown by our Seed Guardians, in their own gardens and gifted back to us. 

We’ve had many disruptions over the last few years and some of our seed stock is old. Please take note of the harvest year when you are selecting your seeds, and use your judgment on viability. We cannot guarantee viability and as such, seed is purchased at your own risk. We do not offer refunds for seed that fails to germinate.

We hope to be able to start germination testing our returned seed in the coming years as we get back on our feet. If you’d be interesting in helping with that, please get in touch.


The information provided on this website has been obtained from members over many years. The seeds offered to members have been grown by members from seed provided by Southern Seed Exchange. Southern Seed Exchange has no control over the process of growing on seed to be returned to the Exchange.
The purchase of seed by members is made strictly on the basis that the purchaser accepts the following conditions-
  1. All cultural and descriptive information on this website is for use as a guide only.
  2. Variations may occur because of geographical location, soil conditions or cultural and management practices.
  3. Southern Seed Exchange will not accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
  4. Southern Seed Exchange will not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of any seed supplied by Southern Seed Exchange.

Seed Swap

Autumn Seed Swap 4th May
CHS Kiosk, Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Free for members, $5 koha for non-members