Solanum lycopersicum

#762 Ace
#868 Alma
NO SEED. Blocky shaped. Red.
#904 Amana Orange
#563 Amish Salad
(75-85 days) Indeterminate, large sprawling plants loaded with large pink, oval cherry tomatoes. Sweet and wonderful flavour. Heirloom, Rare. (Ex ALSF: TOM 250).
#766 Baxters Cherry
Tasty early red cherry tomato. Sets fruit in adverse temperatures. Compact.
#502 Beefsteak
Grown by Bob Lord since mid 90's. “Big, fleshy, excellent flavour fruit. Good disease resistance. An old variety.”
#772 Berkley
#921 Black Cherry
Tall, indeterminate, a friend in chch gave me seeds for these. Growth habit similar to other cherries, tall and lanky, 2-3 cm fruit turn a deep brown colour when ripe, good sweet flavour.
Black Cherry tomato
#893 Black Pineapple
Striped Tomato
#718 Black Prince
NO SEED. Ex. TomatoFest. Originally from Siberia, this is one of the most popular and favoured black tomatoes. Originally introduced from Irkutsk, Russia and is regarded as a "true Siberian tomato" that does very well in cooler climates. The Black Prince tomato is said to have considerable health benefits beyond the presence of lycopene. These deep garnet round, 2-inch (2-3 oz.) tomatoes are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavours. The small fruits contain deep rich colors on the inside good for using in tomato sauce or other culinary wonders
#96 Bonny Best
Featured in the 1950’s Yates Garden Catalogue, and described as a very old variety then. A vigorous plant with the older style potato type leaves. Classed as an early tomato. A second early crop, good acid/ sweet balance, brilliant orange/red fruits, up to 400gm each.
#761 Brandywine Black
#717 Carmello
Ex. TomatoFest - “The French Carmello is among the most productive tomatoes ever bred. It is popular in European markets because of it's exceptionally fine flavour. I de-hybridized this variety over a 5 year period around 1993. Bears large crops of heavy, juicy tomatoes with flavor that just doesn't stop. Another favorite because it consistently produces great tasting fruit, even in cooler weather. Good for slicing in salads, sautéed, or as an integral part of any dish.” (
#691 Cherokee Purple
A large beefsteak heirloom tomato unusual for the deep purple/red hue of its fruit. This cultivar was discovered in 1990 and sent to “Southern Exposure Seed Exchange” in United States by Craig LeHoullier. “In 1990, while living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Craig received unsolicited in the mail, from John Green of Sevierville, Tennessee, a brief note and a small packet of seeds. The note indicated that John wanted to share this unnamed tomato with Craig, and that it was a purple tomato that the Cherokee Indians gave to his neighbours 100 years ago. Since then Cherokee Purple has become a very popular, widely grown and well regarded variety. Craig now lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Cherokee Purple remains one of his favourites in a tomato collection that numbers well over 1500 varieties.” ( ). The Cherokee Purple tomato has a unique dusty rose colour, with green "shoulders" across the top. The comparatively dark interior colour is enhanced by the tendency of the seeds to be surrounded by green gel. They are also notable for having a dense, juicy texture. The flavour of the tomato is extremely sweet with a rich smoky taste. The Cherokee Purple has a refreshing acid, is thick skinned and earthy with a lingering flavour. Productive plants produce large crops of 12 oz. fruits. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant. “Beautiful strong growing plant – can see why it is a great favourite in collections.” (Cynthia KinV) Unfortunately we have had problems with germination recently so are interested to know if you have any problems.
#774 Clarence
Beefsteak tomato.
#712 Cuatomate
NO SEED. Orange currant tomato with lots of flavour and juice. Very pointed leaves. 5-6 ft. Sprawling. Unique Zapotec Indian heirloom.
#758 Delicious Beefstake
#763 Delicious Daves
#405 Dr Walter
Seed saved in Christchurch many years by Bill Fright (now deceased). Grows tall (2m or higher) & vigorous with very large fruit. Hardy plant. Absolutely yummy!
#90 Early Scottish
A strong growing plant up to and over 2m tall. Salad type tomato with a good flavour over a long season. Indeterminate.
#764 Evergreen
NO SEED LEFT. Green tomato. Ripens bright green – chartreuse. Sweet. Great for “fried green tomatoes”. (Keith Egerton)
#775 First Choice Aussie
Roma Tomato.
#757 Florida Petite
#89 Fruntisje Ruitci
#88 Garden Peach
"I brought this seed back from the brink by growing some 1994 seed from the seven oaks fridge. This Tomato is large, ripens to a pink/orange colour. It requires a long season, probably best in a greenhouse in Christchurch. The fruit are great bottling tomato with lots of flesh. Ex HDRA, England." (David Goldsmith)
#562 Goldene Konigen
(75-80 days). Indeterminate. Delicious, 2" pale yellow, smooth round fruits. Firm, mild flavoured, acid free tomato. A nice tomato to roast - it sweetens. Better suited to cool summers than most yellow varieties, from Germany. Heirloom. (ex ALSF: TOM 286).
#752 Green Zebra
6-8cm diameter round fruit on tall plants. Ripe when they turn a yellowy green with green stripes.
#505 Guernsey Island
Grown by Bob Lord since early 2000. “A NZ heirloom tomato reputedly from Guernsey Island. Good flavour, round medium sized fruit, red with streaky green stripes when ripe. Disease resistant.”
#86 Harbinger
An old favourite of Lawrence D Hills – “the best tomato out door growing” (1978). No longer commercially available. Fruity flavour that is not overtly acid, the flavour seems to improve as the season cools. No disease problems. Staking is suggested due to its upward mobility (up to 2.4m tall). Determinate, early, medium red fruit, tender skin salad type, very good flavour, high yields, sprawling, open plant.
#624 Heritage
Saved for 2 yrs from 2 plants purchased at a school fair which had been donated by an elderly woman. Fruit deep reddish black, flesh good taste. Strong plants that need staking.
#559 Imur Prior Beta
(65 days). Indeterminate, potato leaved. Medium sized, beefsteak type fruits that are firm skinned with very good flavour. Developed in Norway for short seasons and high altitudes. Prolific producer; Julian Twiss reports that 6 months after the 3rd set of leaves, he had harvested 179 good sized tomatoes from one plant! (Dedicated counting Julian). (ex ALSF: TOM 152).
#770 Isle Of Capri (Francis)
#769 Isle Of Capri (Johnies)
#919 Italian Tomatoe
#663 Italiano Oxheart
#889 JBP
Neville Sinclair has been growing this tomato for 20 years. Many years ago a distant farmer neighbour (John Barnes) grew a large Pear shaped tomato. Neville always wished he had asked him for seed. Playing with his kids one day at a domain in Johns district I spied a dropped fragment of tomato on the ground (colour distinctive), immediately interested I picked it up – one seed adhering. I saved & sowed and Johns distinctive tomato was the result!! Large irregular pear shaped fruit, pinkish skin, crimson flesh. Rich yet mellow flavour. Late maturing however I am continually selecting from the earliest fruiting plants. Indeterminate. I stake but never manage to remove all laterals. Plant strong enough to produce fruit on many laterals but fruit larger on single stem. Good producer and very vigorous. Not resistant to drought. No pests or diseases noticed.
#201 Kotlas
We have previously had this cultivar listed as Koltas, with the 'lt' reversed. Being a Russian tomato, undoubtedly named after the town Kotlas, we decided to change to the proper spelling. “Kotlas is the first tomato to fruit in my garden, even before the cherry tomatoes, but it is also the first to die off. It’s a lovely tomato of medium size. Potato leaf.” (Marina Steinke)
#724 Kotlas
Small-medium sized misshapen fruit. Small stature - need lower laterals pinched or they lay on the ground. Great for areas that have a short growing season. 55 days. Karlene usually gets enough for a couple batches of chutney from less than a dozen plants. Original seed came by mail order from USA. Karlene has been saving this seed since early 2000.
#771 Laballa
#759 Lime Green Salad
Dwarf lime green tomato with spicy taste. Large “cherries” which eventually ripen to amber. Compact, great for containers/borders.
#706 Limmony
NO SEED. Very bright yellow 2-3 inch tomatoes with sharp and sweet lemon-zest flavour. Grow outside. Early. Good production through season.
#877 Marmande
#767 Orange Pixie
#768 Oregon Spring
#504 Oxheart
Grown by Bob Lord since mid 2000: “An old NZ favourite, fruit large, heart shaped, very meaty and solid. Crops heavily. Good for slicing, pulping, saucing & bottling.”
#906 Paul Robeson Purple
NO SEED. Ex heirloom seeds
#80 Pink Brandywine
Amish heirloom since 1895. The fruit is pink with green shoulders and very large; 350-700gms each. Slightly prone to cracking and to producing misshapen fruit. Flavour full and well balanced. When fully ripe they have an intense sweet flavour. Their texture is pasty, not salad, with wall to wall flesh. Pale green potato leaved plants, grow to 1.5m, indeterminate (85 days).
#907 Purple Calabash
Ex heirloom seeds.
#71 Red Colossus
Ex SSN Aust. V.large fruit which is squat & fluted in appearance. Sweet fruity, low acid flavour. Strong plant growing 1.2m-1.4m tall. Benefits from staking & delateralising. A favourite of Henry Harrington in Southland after receiving it from us a number of years ago. “One tomato that never seems to have anything go wrong with it. It does well here and seems to be resistant to cold & disease. Healthy foliage and heaps of large, tasty fruit. I hope it will appeal to other gardeners as I find it tops here, even though people say ‘It’s not red’. Good flavour, big, pink, wrinkly, describes it perfectly.” (Henry Harrington)
#740 Red Currant
Produces masses of very tangy small red tomatoes. The longer they are left the sweeter they get. Lanky, untidy plants. The fruit do split in very wet weather. Originally a South American heirloom. Karlene has been saving these since early 2000.
#773 Roma Tall
#905 Russian Red
NO SEED. Was previously recorded as #193.
#215 Scotland Yellow
#508 Scottish Yellow
“A good one - vigorous, healthy plant that produced well. Good flavour and keeps well when left on the vine.” (Henry Harrington)
#565 Stupice Tomato
#765 Sub Artic Plenty
#888 Surry's Orange Delight
NO SEED. This variety was given to Neville by a friend named Surry. It resembles a bright orange beefsteak type tomato. Exceptional flavour & colour density. Slow to produce outdoors. Healthy indoors & out but tends to performs better in a glasshouse. Fruit are large ovate measuring up to 100mm diameter. Indeterminate. Heavy cropper with vigorous growth, not drought resistant. Wonderful visual effect in salads.
#299 Tigerella
#503 Tommy Toe
Grown by Bob Lord since early 2000. “Crops from early season to very late. Fruit small to medium, tasty, very prolific cropper”.
#760 Tommy Toe
#865 True Black Brandywine
NO SEED. “80-90 days ...great-tasting tomato that is extra large in size and full of the deep, earthy and sweet flavor that has made blackish-purple tomatoes so popular. Some fruits tended to crack, but the yield was heavy, and the plants were vigorous and did well in our hot Missouri summer. Superior for salsa and cooking.”(description from
#69 Ueberreich Yellow
Ex HDRA. A yellow variety. “This is an excellent variety with very tasty fruits and completely disease free here.”(Henry Harrington).
#302 Vf 145-21-40
NO SEED AVAILABLE. From BHRU/Bob Crowder. Akin to Scrosbery Dwarf in flavour & habit, does not need staking. Developed in California in the 1960’s for high intensity direct sowing & machine harvesting. Bob has had it since the 60’s. Drought resistant, suits hot dry conditions. High solids of fruit (7-9%). Makes excellent puree, sauces, processing and also fresh eating, sandwiches. V stands for Verticillium resistant, F for Fusarium resistant. Determinate (single harvest). Interestingly enough, despite its apparent disease resistance, Cynthia King found the plant to be somewhat sickly and susceptible to mould, but says she would grow this variety “solely for the beautiful heat-shaped 'baubles' it produced”.
#506 Waimana
Ex Koanga, grown by Bob Lord since early 2000. Very good, large, red sweet tomato.Outstanding cropper. Strong resistance to pests and disease.
#903 White Beauty
#732 White Cherry
Pale yellow. Very sweet. Indeterminate. Tall plants.
#602 Yellow Brandywine
Grown for some years by Henry Harrington, Southland. “This one is a big yellow tomato that turns almost orange when left on the vine to fully ripen. Very fleshy fruit that can be quite dry. Good flavour, and has big potato type foliage. Well worth growing.”
#490 Yellow Heritage
“An excellent variety in every way. Has a very tasty fruit that when left on the plant turns a deep golden colour and by then the flavour is terrific. It is a heavy cropper, well worth its space. I received it from Jane Clark, Alexandra, who has grown it a long time and lost its identity. Early season, usually the first with ripe fruits and is also the last one left at the end of the season, which says a lot for its disease resistant, grows 6ft tall.” (Henry Harrington)
#67 Yellow Morden
Ex HDRA England. Bright yellow, salad tomato. A flavour sensation, the small fruit pack a punch: fruity, sweet low, acid flavour. Plants grow 2m.
#494 Yellow Pear
#507 Yellow Pear
Grown by Bob Lord since early 2000. “Good in salads.” Heritage variety dating to late 1800’s. Small fruit 4cm long, sunny yellow, pear shaped, mild flavour - borne in heavy clusters on a large rangy plant, requires stake or cage. Very vigorous, can grow 4m or more, producing extraordinary quantity of fruit over a very long season. 78 days, indeterminate.
#719 Yellow Taxi
Small plants. Determinate, 55 days. Worthwhile growing for those with a short season. Medium sized bright yellow fruit with very nice flavour. Karlene has been saving these seeds since early 2000 and believes they originally came by mail order from the USA.
#430 Yellow Yummy
Late ripening. Tasty, medium size fruit. Heavy crop.