Capsicum frutescens

Chilli (C. frutescens)
Species Information: 
#400 Ecuadorian Rainbow
NO SEED LEFT. Previously called “Ecuadorian Purple” but renamed after realising the fruits, initially purple, after a couple of weeks turn briefly pale, then through orange to red which is the true ripe colour. A mature bush carries all these colours simultaneously. Variable foliage colour, pale green to strongly tinged purple. Initially hot purple fruits turn sweeter and slightly milder when red. Great colours in salsas. Small, triangular or slightly blunt-ended sphered fruits are thin-walled. Dryroasted fresh pods (de-seeded) make a great chilli sauce. Unfortunately, purple pods blanch ivory on pickling in vinegar (orange and red retain colour!). Short lived perennial if frost free. Needs a long growing season in a warm sheltered spot (best started early indoors). Struggles in cool springs. Matches the variety “Bolivian Rainbow” illustrated in the “Edible Pepper Garden” by Rosalind Creasy, which produces purple, yellow and red fruits. Gifted by Owen Smith, 1997, rare.
#814 Variegated Rainbow
NO SEED LEFT. Variegated leafed version of Ecuadorian Purple #400, from Andy Bennett’s herb stall (seed ex Kings). Beautifully decorative, with leaves and multicoloured chillis. Darker purple, mostly blunt-ended chillis, slightly milder.