Capsicum annuum (Chilli)

Chilli (C. annuum)
Species Information: 
#638 Bulgarian Carrot
NO SEED LEFT. An heirloom originally smuggled into the USA over 20 yrs ago. Carrot Chilli’s real name is Shipkeas but the new name best describes these 9cm long bright orange, thin walled little beauties. Carrot Chilli are quite hot, but with a fruitiness to their pungency.
#746 Cayenne Red Pepper
NO SEED LEFT. Tender annual or short lived perennial. A long growing season is required and warmth (18-35 degrees C) to ripen fruit. In frost free areas, it is possible to keep plants through Winter for earlier crop season.
Cayenne Red Pepper
#934 Jalapeno
NO SEED LEFT. Ex Funky Pumpkin. Very large fuit, heavy cropping