Please note that seed ordered from 23 July to 19 August may not be packed and posted to you until the weekend of 25/26 August. The SSE is a club run by a very small group of volunteers and the seed packer will be away most of that time. We apologise for the delay and for any inconvenience.
The seed stock list has been updated. Thanks to the splendid efforts of 6 members who helped measure, catalogue and label returned seed. Thanks too to those members who returned seed to restock the seed shed (Robert B, Karlene H, Brian A, Sue B, Ross L, Kevin H, Claire M, P Broady, Stephen C, James M, Marina S, Koanga Institute, Dave E, Andy S, Luke B, Frank L, Faye T, Annemarie B, Adrian v d T, Sheryl J, Sharon G, Marion C). - Sharon
AUTUMN SEED SWAP - Saturday 5 May, 1.30 - 3.00pm 35 Hassals Lane, Waltham, Christchurch (the former Seven Oaks School site). Look for the signs to follow from the carpark to the tunnel house. Entry is by gold coin donation. Please bring any surplus seeds or plants for the swap table (it is not necessary to bring anything).. GUARDIAN SEED
A tutorial will be held on growing and seed saving of brassicas, corn, beans and radish. A different speaker will cover each seed for half a hour allowing time for questions and discussion. Sunday 17 September 1.00pm to 3.00pm in the tunnel house at the former Seven Oaks School, 35 Hassels Lane, Opawa, Christchurch. Entry by a gold coin donation. Even if you have been successfully growing these seeds it is always interesting to find out how other people do it or to share your own expertise. Seeds of some varieties will be available on the day.

SPRING SEED SWAP - Sunday 3rd September
The spring seed swap aill be held at the former Seven Oaks School site, 35 Hassels Lane ,Opawa Christchurch. In the tunnel house. The seed swap will run from 2.00pm to 3.30pm. Admission is by gold coin donation. Please bring along any surplus seed or plants that you may have for the swap table.

AGM - Sunday 3rd September
The Annual general meeting will be held on the same day, before the seed swap, at 1.00pm


Spring is in the air - time to think about seed orders. A great time of year! Stay posted for details of the upcoming spring seed swap and AGM in September. Plus a seed saving tutorial will be held the following Sunday afternoon in September.
The seed stock list is in the process of being updated (to be completed by 18 July). Thanks to the splendid efforts of Brian, Abie, Luke, Anne-marie, and Mariana who helped measure, catalogue and label returned seed. Thanks too to those members who returned seed to restock the seed shed (Robert B, Karlene H, Brian T, Brian A, Kim R, Claire M, JL H, Ross L, Val T, Sue B, KJ D, Paul B, Euphemia S). - Sharon
The 2017 Autumn Seed Swap saw many people attend and go away with many goodies including free apples and quinces. Thankyou to the seed guardians who returned seed - we will be weighing and labelling those sometime in June. - Sharon
Sunday 9th April at Seven Oaks School, 35 Hassals Lane, Opawa, Christchurch 1.30pm until 3.00pm. Cost is a gold coin donation. Please bring any surplus seeds or plants you may have to go on the swap table. If you are unable to bring anything to swap then an additional gold coin donation would be appreciated. IF YOU HAVE GUARDIAN SEED TO RETURN (OR SURPLUS SEED which has been grown from seed originally supplied from the Seed Exchange), please do not place on the swap table - a separate guardian seed table will be there for you to hand in these seeds. Please label your seed with the name, accession number [if known], year of harvest and your name. Membership is free for the 2017-2018 year for those returning seed.

Hi all fellow seed savers, just to let you know some of the things happening in my garden right now in case it inspires, informs and motivates you to indulge in the wonderful pasttime of seed-saving. I saw a webpage recently promoting the new "SEED" documentary that stated we have already lost 95% of the diversity of food crops worldwide over the last century. That is an astonishing factoid and judging by the low or lost seedlist Sharon distributed a few weeks ago, even our combined effort to do something about keeping some of the remaining diversity is in jeopardy. So as we go into spring and you are collecting your seeds up for sowing bear in mind that we can all do this, nature takes care of the work, we just have to plan ahead, be observant, patient and diligent in our cooperation with her, and collect the seeds when they are ready. And we can share, many plants saved for seed still yield some edible parts.