Portulaca oleraceae

Golden Purslane
#572 Golden Purslane
NO SEED. (Portulaca oleracea ssp. sativa) Ex Koanga. “Has fleshy, succulent leaves, yellow green. As a description of their shape, I cannot better the Malawi name, which translates as “Buttocks of the wife of a chief”! A summer annual best sown in early spring under cover. Great in salads or lightly stir-fried. A French recipe for soup with fresh peas and herbs is delicious. Produces greens through the hottest weather. An almost world-wide plant, the wild form is an edible weed in NZ. In Australia a central species was used for edible seeds as well as leaves (they were small but 9 plentiful) by Aborigines.” Purslane contains omega-3 fatty acids, which studies have shown lowers blood pressure, reduces heart disease and helps treat depression. On the negative side, Purslane leaves (like spinach) can accumulate nitrates and when raw contain oxalic acid which blocks calcium absorption, so consuming excessive amounts is not recommended. Yellow blossoms appear on the tips of each branch of the plant and quickly develop into capped seed pods. The top portion or lid of each cap falls off as the seeds mature, releasing seeds as the plant continues to grow. The pods also shatter very easily, so seed must be collected regularly.