Aralia cordata

#908 Udo
NONE IN STOCK. Recently donated to us by John Palmer, who has collected rare vegetable seeds for half a century. The young shoots are blanched in spring and their flavour is described as distinctly aromatic, like celery or parsnip, but different from either. They can be eaten like celery, raw or cooked or used in miso soups. Originally introduced from Japan to the USA by David Fairchild. Udo is a herbaceous plant that grows tall (up to about 2 metres) and which does not appreciate too much wind. Its cultivation could be likened to asparagus and it is ready about the same time. It likes to be moist and appreciates enriched soil, but grows well in the shade. (Information from various sources including John Palmer and a U.S Dept. of Agriculture bulletin he sent us - let us know if you'd like a copy).