Zea mays

#327 Early Gem
#699 Early Gem
#781 Florida Stay
#779 Gold 'N' Pearl
#18 Golden Bantam
#698 Golden Bantam
#777 Golden Extra Sweet
#778 Golden Sweet
#17 Hawaiian Sweetcorn
#614 Heritage Sweet Corn
Received at our 2005 seed swap, labeled “Heritage corn from Well’s community down south, The Glen”. History unknown.
#912 Hokianga Red/Yellow Flour Corn
Ex Koanga. Can be eaten as sweetcorn when immature, or as a flour or polenta when dry.
#780 Honey Pearl
#577 Kaanga Maa
Gifted by Tahuri Whenua Inc. Soc., Palmerston North, via ChCh Maori Womens Welfare League. Large, white kerneled corn, traditionally used as a rotted corn in streams. Can be used as a white flour corn. (Also held by Koanga).
#883 Kascade
Neville Sinclair has been growing this variety of corn which he bred and selected himself for over 25 years. Multi-coloured sweetcorn of which kernels taste more nourishing & have a slightly waxy texture. Prefers moist fertile soil, semi resistant to drought. Very healthy plant. Young cobs used as corn on the cob or sprouted mature seeds are VERY sweet and can be used in salads.
#725 Rainbow Corn
NO SEED. Flour corn.
#881 Sola Maize
An ex commercial variety grown by Neville for 35 years. First saved in 1975, having brought loose maize seed from the local hardware store in Kaiapoi, only 7 seeds germinated, he has since persisted with the descendants of those 7 plants. Maize with very deep gold, large kernels. Strong plants. Prefer rich moist soil & has moderate drought resistance. Rats & mice attack cobs but no other pests. Maize can be ground for porridge & flour.
#147 Strawberry popcorn
#776 Two Coloured Red Corn