Vicia faba

Broad Bean
#172 Beryl
#700 Carter's Local
NO SEED. Grown locally and biodynamically in Christchurch for 15 years (prior 2008).
#521 Coles Prolific
#165 Crimson Flowered
Donated to HDRA in 1978 by a 73 year old whose father grew it. Known as far back as 1778. This one has been brought back from the brink for us by Cesar Zapata.
#886 El Beano
NO SEEDS. The Bean originates from a ''freak'' seedling from amongst plants germinated from a bulk packet of unnamed commercial seed. One plant developed pure white flowers. Seed sweeter & remains green when cooked rather than cooking greyish. Plants reach 3/4-1m in height and flowers are pure white. Good producer which is tolerant to frost but not too drought. Eat young podded beans raw, older beans steamed or boiled. Dried can be used in falafal, rissoles, stews etc.
#414 Lances
Originally received 2001 from Bryce Palmer, Auckland Seed Exchange.
#402 Malcolm Watts
Grown for a number of years in Rangiora by Malcolm and Maureen Watts (Malcolm now deceased). Larger, good eating bean. Vigorous plant.
#349 Okuku
Grown for many years by Dave Fenn, Okuku. 800mm tall.
#377 Red
Gifted by Mark Christensen, Wanganui. Ex Koanga. Some green rouges.
#374 Scottish
NO SEEDS. Gifted in 2000 by Mark Christensen, Wanganui. Ex Koanga.
#345 Seven Oaks
#116 Sutton
NO SEEDS. Ex Fothergill. Dwarf multi-stem broad bean growing 300-400mm tall.