Pisa sativum

#145 Alderman
A late season variety, grows to 1.5m, requires staking. Long, straight and pointed pods.
#882 Black Eyed Pea
When visiting PGG in Blenheim Neville noticed some smooth pale peas scattered on the ground, on inquiry the seed guy said they were a line PGG were deleting, Neville pocketed a few and has been growing them for the past 8 years. A hardy field pea grown for dry peas - excellent as a substitute for chickpeas. More drought resistant than green peas and frost resistant. No pests or disease noted except sometimes the pods are shredded in the later stages (maybe birds, mice or hedgehogs). Can also be used young & green.
#442 Bohemian Sugarsnap
ex Koanga. Large edible pods, grows tall. "Tall, purple flowers, large fleshy pods to eat whole" (Karlene Herdman)
#140 Capucijners
Gifted by Nicole Bührs. Grows to 1.2m, needs staking. Dried Pea. “Developed by Capucijn Monks in Holland or France in 16thC. Brought to NZ by Dalmations.”
#584 Carlin Pea
NO SEED. A tall climbing, dried pea with mottled brown seeds. Flavour and use similar to Capucijners. Originally from north-east England, it goes back at least to Elizabethan times (1500’s).
#162 Champion of England
Ex HDRA. Bred in England as Fairfords Champion of England, 1843. "Grows up to 2m. Wrinkled variety, good garden pea flavour." (Ron Crowley)
#730 Dalmation Pea
Ex Koanga. Very Productive. Karlene saved 500g of dried peas from just 30 original seeds, not counting all the peas eaten fresh! Tall growing (2.5-3m), need support. Purple bi-colour flowers. Purple pods but green peas. Karlene successfully grew these along her scarlet runner rack, planting them at the same time as the scarlet runners. The peas were dried off just as the scarlet runners came into flower. Slightly mealy to eat raw, but nice cooked as green peas, and excellent dried to add to soups.
Dalmation Pea
#129 Dounce Provence
#128 Progeta
NO SEED. 80cm tall, drying pea for soups.
#325 Purple Pod
Old variety. Gifted by Owen Smith in 1997. A pea with purple pods and lovely bi-colour flowers. Green coloured peas.
#310 Purple Pod Red Pea
Gifted by Tania McLean in 1999, originally from a Southland lady now deceased. Gorgeous purple pods and red seeds, sweet eating. “Peas only went 'red' after drying. Grew to 1m tall.” (Karlene Herdman).
#592 Snow Pea
#175 Sugar Snap
A Dunedin strain, grown for over 50 years in the area. Originally from West Otago. A branching pea, best planted 1 foot apart, grows 3 feet high, needs support. A delight in the garden with splashed silver grey foliage and heavy coloured flowers which turn blue when pollinated. Water regularly.
#615 Sugar Snap
NO SEED. From Liselle Wood, ex Dunedin Seed Exchange. (We are guessing this is different to #175 above.)
#878 Yellow Snow Peas
Edible pods.