Cucurbita pepo

Courgette,Zucchini,Marrow,Kumi Kumi,Squash
#655 Austrian Hulless
A hulless seed pumpkin, grown for the seeds (flesh is no good to eat). Kerry Mulligan received three seeds from a friend who had got them from someone else in the North Island. Large pumpkins, a couple per vine, it is best to leave pumpkins as long as possible to develop lots of seeds.
#901 Austrian Oil Seed Pumpkin
#618 Cocozelle Bush Zucchini
NO SEED AVAILABLE. Ex Koanga. Very large plant.
#873 Crook Neck Squash (Courgette)
NO SEED AVAILABLE. An attractive looking squash. Eaten as a courgette when young and baked when semi mature (when skin turns orange but before it gets hard). Outstanding for flavour & productivity. Ex Koanga.
#485 English Giant Trailing Marrow
NO SEED AVAILABLE. We briefly had this mistakenly listed as #285. Not overgrown zucchini/courgettes but the old English marrow – like a long cylindrical Kumi Kumi. Usually green, striped/blotched yellow, ridges near ends. Long grown in New Zealand, but now rare. Used to be traditionally winter-stored outdoors, under evergreen Macrocarpa hedges, in Canterbury. Fruits often 5kg+. Reasonably firm flesh good as vegetable and also for chutneys, etc. Texture and flavour superior to overgrown zucchinis, as is storage potential. Trailing plant.
#514 Gem Squash
Aka Zimbabwe Squash. Heritage Squash of South African origin. Grown by Euphemia Stonehouse since the early 90s: “I got them from Todds Valley in Nelson.” From The Seed Savers Handbook P.146: “A prolific and hardy vine, leaves about cucumber size & fruit grow to orange size. Can be picked and eaten before they turn orange or picked mature, stored and then boiled whole and eaten in their own shells.”
#653 Kakai Pumpkin
#668 Kamo Kamo
Kamo Kamo is another name for Kumi Kumi. Grown since the mid-90s by Julian Twiss near Lake Ellesmere, originally from North Island. Long, oval fruit ripens to orange colour. It can be treated as a zucchini, fruit is better young or 1⁄2 grown. Beautiful boiled with butter and salt. The seeds are very nutty.
#567 Kumi Kumi