Cucurbita maxima

Pumpkin, Squash
#335 Giant Turks Cap
Recuperated by Ron Crowley from 9 seeds in poor season 2006 - cold, snow, hail, & frosts damaged plants, so not very big fruit and seed was normal to small. Ron says the name Giant Turks Cap is now fitting again, after the 2007-2008 year's crop produced 11.9kg and 13.5kg fruits! Good flavour. “Turk’s Cap - A very early sort for districts where the seasons are short. They are good croppers and keepers, dry and good flavoured. Very little of this variety are now grown...” (1958 Yates Garden Guide).
#844 Hopi Grey Winter Squash
A squash variety grown in the United States and reputed to store for 2 years at room temperature. Very tasty. Obtained by Mark Christensen from the U.S.A in 2008.
#826 Large Pinky Orange Pumpkin
Some variation, so a bit of a mongrel, but in general lovely dense flesh, with fine flavour for any pumpkin dish. Original seed from Golden Bay Community gardens.
#471 Lower Salmon River
A heritage pumpkin, received from ALSF in United States. A pink skin, large turban pumpkin, flat top, dimpled bottom, light orange flesh with excellent flavour. A good all round pumpkin.
#630 Micks Pumpkin
#627 Red Kuri
Heirloom, ex Koanga. Matures to small, bright red pumpkin, does well in a short season. Recommended as an early squash, when small and round, can be eaten skin and all. A Japanese pumpkin bred from Hubbard Squash (USA heirloom winter squash), also known as “Orange Hokkaido”, and as “Uchiki Kuri” in Japan (“Kuri” is Japanese for chestnut).
#439 Triamble
NO SEED. NZ Heirloom, ex Koanga. “Large sprawling plant, so needs a lot of space - first female flowers at 16th leaf terminal! Very dry flesh, sweet, good roasted.” (Karlene Herdman).
#475 Whangaparaoa Crown
#637 Whataroa Crown
Good keeper - 12 months plus.
#470 Winter Squash Kindred