Beta vulgaris (silverbeet)

Silverbeet and Chard
#597 Bright Yellow
Grown 2 years prior to 2005 by Cesar Zapata, Wellington, a selection from Bright Lights Swiss Chard. Bright butter yellow stems.
#298 M6 Red Silverbeet
A rich red variety. Grown by Duane Fisher, Stratford for more than 30 years, before that by his mother Erin Fisher, received from a Mr Kirkus before that. Some green rouges.
#633 Perpetual Spinach
Superb long standing plants will give lots of meals over Autumn/Winter. Best sown Nov onwards to avoid bolting.
#522 Rainbow Chard
Ex Ray Moseley.
#249 Red Swiss Chard
Gifted by Donna.
#28 Silverbeet
#446 Silverbeet
#498 Swiss Chard
Grown 25 years by I J Webley, Christchurch, from a 1978 primary school seed pack. Stature same as silverbeet, but foliage pale green with mild taste. Young leaves are good in salads.