Raphanus sativus

#106 Black Palestine Radish
Black Palestine Radish
#621 Champion Radish
Ex Eco Seeds. Beautiful scarlet round radishes with crisp white centre.
Champion Radish
#866 French Breakfast
#884 Munchen Bier Radish x Daikon
German friends of Neville Sinclair brought back ''Munchen Bier'' black German radish seed which crossed with his Daikons. The resulting seed produces large Daikon like roots with ''munchen biers'' matt black skin. Large beetroot shaped black roots up to 150mm in diameter. Tends to bolt to seed unless sown after the longest day (like many Asian vegetables). Self sows readily, strong plants. No pests or diseases observed. Skin is coarse (can be hot), good raw or in a stir-fry, seeds sprouted in winter for winter salads. Bees love the flowers. Neville allows volunteers to grow in autumn which only require one weed.