Brassica juncea

Chinese Greens, Mustard Greens, Indian Mustard
#115 Green ā€˜nā€™ Snow
Ex Sultons Seeds. Very frost hardy. Can be used in salads as baby leaf, becomes very hot. Light green serated edges leaf.
Green 'n' Snow Mustard, image by Karlene Herdman
#644 Lime Streaks Mustard
Ex Kings Seeds. Attractive vigorous deeply serrated light green leaf mustard. Can be used for baby leaf salad. Similar in growth to Mizuna but more pungent, but less pungent than other mustard leaves. Use the same as mustard leaves in cooking, especially in soups.
#914 Mustard Greens
Ex Liselle Wood. Mottled Dark Green leaf, hot mustard flavour, good in salads. Sometimes grows very large, easy to grow. Drought & Frost resistant. Use in salads, stir frying & stews.
#823 Red Mustard
NO SEED. Self seeds readily. Leaves get very hot. Young leaves are good in a mesclun mix. Black seeds can be used in cooking.
Red Mustard, image by Karlene Herdman