Tragopogon porrifolius

Species Information: 
Biennial. In theory varieties cross – isolation unknown, possibility 1km. Most if not all seed sold in NZ has proved to be identical to ‘Mammoth Sandwich Island’. Commonly grows as a weed in NZ, so theoretical problem of crossing with inferior plants. Effortlessly escapes gardens to grow as a weed nearby (parachute seeds). Conversely, ‘wild’ plants that seed into fertile beds can produce large-rooted robust plants! Seed save from larger straight taproot plants.
#524 Mammoth Sandwich Island
#910 Salsify
Harvested from ‘wild plants’ (large rooted) from flower beds in Cheviot.
#917 Salsify ex Henry Harrington
Last gift from Henry Harrington. Grown on by Martin Tickner