Lactuca sativa

Species Information: 
Annual. Mostly self pollinates; to be safe separate varieties by a tall crop or by 7m. Very occasionally crosses a little with common New Zealand weed Prickly Lettuce, Lactuca serriola, which has bitter spiny ribs.) so weed this out from garden area. Crossed plants usually easy to spot and ‘rouge’ out from next generation. One of the easiest plants to seedsave. Celtuce has edible stem.
#891 Freckles
Cos shaped lettuce, green with rust red splashes
#616 George Maslin's
Early loose leaf. Green curly oak shape.
George Maslin's lettuce, image by Karlene Herdman
#398 Green Frilly Leaf
Local cultivar. Continuous picking, prolific self seeder.
#304 Jack Meechan
Gold-red tinge.
#825 Long Oval Lettuce
Cos type. Conical heart. Red tinged leaves curl under at the ends.
#684 Oakleaf Wild Red
#645 Odell's
Heirloom lettuce ex Koanga. A little gem.
Odell's lettuce, image by Karlene Herdman
Odell's lettuce seed, image by Karlene Herdam
#411 Red Frilly Leaf
Continuous picking, grown locally since about 1996.