Daucus carota

Species Information: 
Biennial. Varieties cross by insect, recommended isolation 1.6km. Wild ancestral species (one of the plants called ‘Queen Anne’s Lace’) and cultivars seeding back into the wild are common field edge/roadside ‘weeds’ in NZ and will cross.
#168 Akaroa Long Red
A favourite for winter harvest. The roots grow very large (400gms or more), are unaffected by frost and don’t split in the wet. They are still good eating in September. Their core is large compared to other varieties and they produce a lot of top growth first. The root develops slowly, so they are not recommended for spring planting. Sow November to January.
#858 Amarillo Yellow
Ex Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., USA.
Amarillo Yellow Carrot
#492 Amber
NO SEED. Gifted by Henry Harrington, Southland. A rare local heirloom, grown at Duvauchelle, Banks Peninsula for many years by Henry’s brother, Eric. A delicious, variable pale to amber carrot tending to a green top like White Belgium. Very attractive as carrot sticks. "Seed from approximately 30 plants. Third generation at this site. Some orange rogues."
#857 Atomic Red
NO SEED. Ex Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., USA.
#313 Belgium White
Ex HDRA, England. A white carrot that will form a root up to 43 cm long, some of it out of the ground. Frost hardy to 4-5 degrees.
#594 Chantenay
#861 Cosmic Purple
#856 Danvers 126 Half Long
NO SEED. Ex. Chiltern Seeds, UK.
#855 James Scarlet Intermediate
NO SEED. Ex. Chiltern Seeds, UK.
#171 Kinko
NO SEED. Gifted by John Daly ex Seeds Trust USA. “Consistently crisp, sweet & amongst first to mature. Deep orange-red, short tapered roots. Excellent frost tolerance.” Grows 6” long, mature 55 days.
#53 Manchester Table
A Nantes type (long with a blunt end), spring-mid summer main crop.
#52 St Valery
Ex HDRA. A pre 1886 red carrot from France with tender, sweet flesh. A large handsome variety which may be regarded as the connecting link between the half long and long varieties of red carrot. The root is very straight and smooth, a bright red colour. They grow very broad at the neck (frequently 50-75mm in diameter) and at 250-300mm long the root is only about four times the diameter. Does best in light, rich, well dug soil where it can grow to its full depth of 300mm.
#433 Taranaki Topweight
#410 Topweight
NO SEED. Grown locally for ~5 years prior to 2001. Ex. Yates.
#51 Touchon Ideal Red