Allium fistulosum

Spring/Welsh Bunching Onion
Species Information: 
Biennial/perennial. Varieties cross by insect, recommended isolation – 100m. Occasionally cross with onion (Allium cepa) to 2km. Bunching onions divide at the base into baby onion plants.
#56 Kujee
A Welsh Onion. Sow from January to March for harvest in September to November or sow in September to December for summer crops. Plant at 30 per 30cm x 30cm square or 6mm apart in rows. “Excellent to have in the garden, grow all year round, keep dividing themselves for continuous supply of slim spring onions (even when some set seed). Good to plant in a permanent position.” (Karlene Herdman).
#804 Perennial Welsh Onion
Ex. Kings.
#628 Welsh Bunching Onion
NO SEED. Excellent germination, slow to go to seed.
#686 Welsh Onion
#687 White Welsh Onion
NO SEED. Perennial