About the Southern Seed Exchange

We are a charitable trust with over 200 members and run by a small team of volunteers. We facilitate the exchange of seeds between gardeners by receiving seeds from seed saving gardeners and producing seed lists for members. We provide information on seed saving.

We are interested in local cultivars (cultivars which have adapted to their locality), occasionally finding seed saved by individuals for years and years. We are also interested in lesser known nutritious food plants. Most of the seed on our seed lists would be classified as local cultivars, and some as heritage or heirloom cultivars, seed that is no longer available commercially, some of which have been saved in a family for a number of generations.

Membership costs $15 per year, and entitles you to 5 free packets of seed. Members are not obligated to save or return seed (but we encourage you to give it a go! This helps keep our stock levels up for others to share.) Membership is free for those who returned guardian seed between 1st August and 31st July of each subscription year.
Some members make a commitment to look after one or more of our cultivars, and return seed to us. If you are interested in becoming a guardian then drop us a line and we can send you a list of seed requiring guardians.

We have about many different cultivars (some in poor state due to age and not being maintained by anyone). We encourage growing using organic methods.

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